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How the Unicorn Got His Horn Back, cover

Learning Life's Lessons Can Be Satisfying

What happens when you start thinking you're better than everyone else? What happens when you lose the most important thing you possess? What happens when you get in a situation and you are in over your head?

How the Unicorn Got His Horn Back is a delightful picture story for children about a unicorn named Cally, who has wonderful friends and adventures. He gets so caught up in admiring himself that he thinks he is better than everyone else and becomes a bully.

Cally ends up losing his most prized possession as a result, his beloved unicorn horn. Just saying "sorry" won't get it back. He has to change his ways and earn his horn back. He must do good deeds and find the deeds on his own. Will Cally get his golden horn back?

This is a tale of vanity, bullying, consequences, bravery, discovery, and redemption. Cally realizes that what he thought was his most prized possession isn't as important as what is on the inside.

Vicki Dean Mayhew grew up along the Rio Grande River Valley. "I played in alfalfa fields and apple orchards, sang with the birds, and rode my horse along the irrigation ditches of the bosque. I still live in my hometown. New Mexico has the bluest skies and prettiest sunsets you have ever seen. We have beautiful forests and deserts, and an incredibly diverse population consisting of people of many cultures." She adds, "I was bullied as a child, as many of us have been. I thought it would be a good idea to write a book about bullying and reach children at a young age to teach them the consequences."

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